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Timoteo's Spice Company takes immense pride in its outstanding customer reviews, a testament to the exceptional quality and flavor of its handcrafted spice blends. With a diverse range of flavorful seasonings

Christie Harrum

Absolutely love the desert spice, my son got to try it first and was like you totally gotta try it. I highly recommend their spices!!! And customer service is my favorite part!

Christa Porter- Esquibel

Such great products. love, love, love their bbq sauce! When they have their fudge during holidays I eat far too much of it because it's way too good! Their signature rubs are incredible! every one I have tried is almost better than the last. I don't think they could produce a bad product if they tried. Just amazing!

Celeste Johnson

My husband smokes meat as a side hustle, and his food was amazing to begin with. He found the Timoteo's spice company at the farmer's market, and boy, did it kick his sauces up a notch! I didn't think they could get even better, but they did! What a difference the spices make.

Marie Miller

Tried the Gringo Rub and it is amazing! Will be perfect on all sorts of meats and veggies. 10/10 will buy more and try their other products too!

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